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Creating a world where everyone can achieve their financial goals.

We help people make better financial decisions and feel confident in their financial future by providing personalized behavioral strategies and human financial coaching.

We don’t just educate you; we help you implement your personalized plan.

Our money philosophy

In order for people to make progress with their money, there needs to be both a personalized plan and support for that plan.

Just providing financial education is not enough.

Moneymap's close collaboration with behavioral experts has led to a unique program that pairs psychology with human financial coaches and essential technology that make everything easier.

With a dedicated financial coach, you'll have someone dediated to supporting the plan they create with you.

And you'll be amazed at how much progress you'll make with your money.

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Smart technology, smarter humans

Take action with ongoing support and friendly nudges from your dedicated Moneymap financial coach and their team.

By messaging with your coach and working on your personalized To Dos in your dashboard, you'll be amazed at how much progress you make.

A research-backed approach

Moneymap was created in collaboration with behavioral experts, including well-known behavioral economist and NY Times bestselling author, Dan Ariely. 

Our process is designed to help you make progress on your money by coaching you one step at a time.

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How Moneymap gives back

When you subscribe to a Moneymap program, Moneymap invests a percentage of your subscription in emerging carbon removal technologies that reduce CO₂ levels in the atmosphere.

Moneymap also donates a significant percentage of its time and resources towards making pro bono financial planning more accessible.

Our values

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Deliver Expertise

All of our financial coaches are CFP® professionals who know what they're talking about. And as fiduciaries, they're required to put your interests first.

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Fuel Progress

You making progress on your goals is an essential part of what makes Moneymap so valuable (see Reviews).

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Affordable Advice

Great advice must also be affordable. Access to a trustworthy financial planner at a price you can easily pay is a game changer.

Meet Moneymap's leaders


Sarah Gerber and Matt Iverson-Comelo immediately connected over a shared vision to make great financial advice more accessible.

At that point, Sarah, who found herself at a loss when it came to personal finances when she got out of college, had already become a Certified Financial Planner™ professional. She put in thousands of hours to meet the experience requirement while also working at a leading financial technology (fintech) company.

Matt had already spent over 15 years working on products designed to improve access to great financial advice, which included collaborating with behavioral experts at Duke University.

So when Sarah left her fintech job, Matt reached out to figure out how they could partner to make financial advice work for everyone.


Gain financial clarity, confidence and control.

Join a behavioral program with human financial coaching at a price you can easily afford.

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