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Add human financial advice to your platform

A technology-first approach that scales human financial advice to delight customers, increase loyalty and drive growth - at a fraction of the traditional cost.

Moneymap's white-labeled, turnkey platform is for:

Fintech companies

Easily engage your users in an entirely new way by offering human-powered financial advice that:

→ Builds relationships

→ Delivers empathy

→ Highlights your key offerings


Other financial services

Banks can easily enable remote financial planning with a turnkey program that:

→ Engages Millennials

→ Highlights your solutions

→ Increases your Net Promoter Score

Key benefits

Drive growth + retention
through human advice

Six in ten Americans want access to a financial planner to help them make decisions [1].

Moneymap provides a white-labeled technology stack that makes it easy for your company to turn on remote financial planning and engage customers in an entirely new way. We can also provide the financial planners, who are trained on your services and tools, as part of our turnkey solution.

Delight customers

When you provide expert, highly personalized guidance, it delights your customers.

→ Build relationships through personal interactions.

→ A personalized plan gets them on track to achieve their goals.

→ They quickly accomplish an incredible number of key tasks.

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Increase loyalty

Personalized human advice is a highly sought after benefit that customers appreciate.

→ Boost your Net Promoter Score with financial planning.

→ Drive retention by offering access to a valuable new service.

→ Deliver empathy by listening to their financial challenges.

Drive growth

Gain key insights on your customers and then drive key outcomes on your platform.

→ Enrich your customer data through the financial planning process.

→ Highlight your services and solutions through the planning process. 

→ Activate a profitable new business line by offering financial planning.

What People Are Saying about Moneymap:

"I appreciated being held accountable for taking action and made more movement in reaching my financial goals [in four weeks] than I have in the last 5 years."

- Kristi G.

"I liked that the advice didn't feel like there was a sale was behind it. I felt I could trust it so much more, that my advisor and their team truly had my own best interests in mind."
- Davinia F.

"It was great to have my financial questions clearly answered."
- Katie H.

"I valued the open and honest conversation. It was very personal to my situation. I did not feel pressured to make decisions either."
- Ronika V.

Technology for scale

An API for human financial advice

We provide a technology stack and people-power that makes it easy for your company to turn on remote financial planning and engage customers in an entirely new way. Your customers want affordable, personalized assistance with achieving their financial goals. Give it to them.

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Customer-centric experience

Help customers make faster financial progress by offering remote financial planning that includes programmable calls to action to drive customer action on your platform.


Native to your platform

Our customizable stylesheets create a seamless user experience. Our REST API makes it easy to receive your customer data that has been enriched by the financial planning process.

Drive action

Behavioral strategies that fuel user engagement

Our program, designed with noted behavioral economist Dan Ariely, addresses the intention-action gap and boosts follow-through.
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Goal setting

Our program makes it easy for customers to set a specific short-term goal, which financial planners use to develop a personalized plan.


Confidence inducing

The more confident your customers are, the more likely they are to take action. Our program is designed to induce their confidence.

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Just-in-time messages

By sending the right message at the right time, based on hundreds of variables, Moneymap helps to drive lasting behavior change.



When your customers have a dedicated team supporting them with their personalized plan, they're much more likely to succeed.

Behaviorally designed

Dan Ariely on

Moneymap was developed in close collaboration with Duke behavioral economist Dan Ariely.

"We usually think that the best cure for bad financial decisions is financial literacy. Just teach people, and all will be solved. Sadly this is not the case, and even worse, the evidence is that financial literacy’s effectiveness is close to zero.

What we need is a system that takes the complexity of financial decision making, breaks it into actionable components, and coaches us on taking one step at a time. This is what the Moneymap process is designed to do.”

Dan Ariely

James B. Duke Professor of
Behavioral Economics at Duke University
NY Times Bestselling Author
Moneymap product collaborator

Our Team

Expert CFPs power our human advice

Want to add financial planning, but don’t have a team of financial planners? Moneymap's team of experienced Certified Financial Planner™ professionals, who are trained on your services and tools, can serve your customers' best interests.

And just to be clear, our CFPs act as an extension of your business and cannot take on your customers as their own clients. Meet a couple of members of our team.



Taylor's clients really appreciate how he listens to their financial situation and comes up with very specific and personalized actions for them to take. As an early riser, Taylor prides himself on being responsive and thorough.

He loves that he gets to help so many people and thrives on getting to know clients and devising strategies that will put them on the path towards greater financial independence.

Whether it's helping clients buy their first home, developing a plan to retire on time or creating a plan to pay off debt, Taylor enjoys the personalized nature of financial planning and supporting clients with their unique goals.



Tipiwa has an uncanny ability to connect with clients and use her CFP training to develop smart, forward-looking financial plans that will get clients on track to achieve their goals.

Clients often cite Tipiwa's empathy, relatability and strong listening skills as some of her most effective skills when it comes to the planning process. As a CFP and MBA, Tipiwa brings a unique skill set to client discussions.

Tipiwa enjoys turning her discussions with clients into highly-actionable financial plans, as she and her team support clients with implementing. She also values the opportunity to stay engaged and stay in touch with clients as their lives change.

Ready to learn more?

Find out how Moneymap makes it easy to offer a valuable new service that drives both customer retention and revenue growth.

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A new way to engage people

Our highly engaging, personalized service allows you to easily extend your services and drive growth.

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A turnkey solution

Easily turn on a remote financial planning service to better serve customers and boost your Net Promoter Score. logo.003

Moneymap enables human financial advice at scale by providing infrastructure and CFP® professionals (if needed) that build trust, deliver empathy and drive growth.

490 43rd St. Suite 350
Oakland, CA 94609

[email protected]

[1] 58% of employees in the U.S. would like their employer to provide access to financial planners to help them make decisions about financial needs. MetLife. 8th Annual Study of Employee Benefits Trends.

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